Houston vs. Louisiana Tech Postgame Quotes

Dec. 7, 2011

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HEAD COACH Todd Buchanan
On the defense...

"I am a firm believer in defense. With a strong defense, you have to have two things; heart and communication. With our limitations, the only option is to play zone. Our back line has to be everyone's eyes. If coverage is blown they see it all. Right now we hesitate rather than rotate. When we hesitate, we don't see or talk and we get burnt."

On positives on the offensive end...
"Roxana (Button) and I had a good conversation yesterday and I threw out some ideas about going in a different direction. I thought Coach (Wade) Scott did a great job of coming up with things to make the other team defend. I think that was evident at times tonight. I feel that if we could've done a much better job of executing and had more patience, the results would've been much different. Like I've been saying all year, we need to be finishers."

On the team's effort...
"I was proud of how hard they played tonight. I challenged them very hard this week. I give (Tahlia) Pope a lot of credit for stepping up. Roxana has never waivered. I thought Mae (Wood) stepped in and showed some signs of productivity since the Oral Roberts game. We just need to continue to do those things and grow."

On what to take away from this game...
"I have been through this before. I've had to rebuild everywhere I've been. If you take the good parts of practice, the successful parts of the UTSA game and the good parts from tonight and mix it up, we could have a recipe for success. That is how I got through this situation before and will continue to get through this situation now. The only way we will know is when we get there. A huge factor will be to get more bodies."

SENIOR GUARD Roxana Button
Thoughts on her early foul trouble...

"Never again. Whether they were close or not, I should've been smarter and that can't happen again."



On how hard it was to try to rally back...
"Anytime you get yourself in a hole like that, it's tremendously hard to come back. I was pleased with our energy and effort in the second half. We didn't just lie down and quit. Obviously we have room for improvement but we stuck together as a team."

On the difficulty on the offensive end...

"We have to focus and just execute. It was a little different because we didn't have our best shooter and leader for the first half."

On how hard is it to have freshman guard Mileka Loydrake out with an injury...
"It's pretty hard when we don't have a true point guard on the floor. Someone who can relieve the pressure for the shooter. It's tough but we're going to have to find a way."

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