Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes Game 12

Wade Scott coached his first game as Houston's Interim Head Coach

Dec. 28, 2013

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opening statement

"We played tough. We played hard. We just kind of made some mistakes there at the end. Kind of gave away a few possessions late. That hurt us. For the most part, I'm pleased with their effort."

on if he was satisfied with the shots they got today

"Some I thought were alittle shaky. We forced a lot of shots early one, and at different times we made some bad decisions. That's just something that happens during the game. We have to get better at making those decisions. Especially when its crunch time when it's a two or three possession game."


on what happened down the stretch

"We fought back. What went wrong? We didn't block out on the free throw so we gave up an extra possession there.  I had us still in the press. I saw the look. The look was right, but the pass was wrong.  Alicia (Smith) tried to throw it to Demetria (Foreman) right at the rim, but just overshot her. So, we dropped a possession right there. Then we got another steal and a long rebound and turn it over there too. So, that's three possessions in a two possession game. That kind of got away from us. Free throws: we have to work on those. I mean, we work on them every day. We just have to start making them when it matters. You miss four in a row and it changes the outlook of the game. It changes the score on the scoreboard. You make those four, you may be down one, or you may be down two, so everybody is still in it."

on what he wants to improve on before Tuesday's game

"I want us to value the basketball a lot better. That's number one. Number two, I thought we were a little shoddy sometimes in our defensive rotation. We kind of gave up some easy drives that we probably shouldn't have given up. Of course making free throws, and probably a little bit better execution. We were sluggish at times. Those are the things I want to see us improve on. Getting a little bit more focus on our execution, value the basketball better, work on our rotation, and make the free throws. If we can do those four things I think we're going to be fine."

SENIOR FORWARD Te'onna Campbell

on the difference between her play in the first half and the second half

"I just had to get over the hump second half. I had to stop making excuses and getting mad at myself for stuff that was in the past. I just had to play the second half, because the first half my team had my back, so I had to have their back the second half. I wasn't pleased with my game the first half, but that's just something I have to work on. I have to work on starting the game right. I'm a starter so I have to step up to the plate on that. The second half I was able to just drop everything and just play how I usually play."


on her free throw shooting

"Just focusing on every little thing. Every little form. Up and over. My form going up; slowing it down, and just being calm at the free throw line. I felt kind of uneasy kind of when I shot the first four. It's just something I have to work on."



on her three point shooting

"I just shot. Coach (Wade) Scott told me to shoot. I know I can shoot I just have to have confidence, and lift up and shoot the shot. Ring the bell like he tells me to. That's basically it. Just the confidence level of shooting."



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