Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes Game 13

Interim Head Coach Wade Scott

Dec. 31, 2013

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Interim Head Coach Wade Scott

Opening Statement

"I guess it was a tale of two halves. Our first half, we found our way back and got the lead. In the second half, we have too many break downs towards the end. We gave them too many open shots. It came down to not hitting those free throws once again." 

On problems in the second half

"What went wrong is that we ran into screens we were getting through in the first half. We ran into them in the second half and opened up those kids. Inga (Orekhova), 13, hit a couple really deep threes. When she hits those, it opens it up for them so much. You have to spend more time stretching your defense getting out there. So when she gets the penetration, she's able to drop it off. We had some defensive break downs, we had that one stretch where we just rode down defensively and Inga hit those two threes and then it seemed like the next kid came down and hit a three, three threes, that's nine points and you're up five or six that jumps you up to 14, makes it a lot easier." 

On difficulties on offense 

"We got some good shots, we just didn't finish at the rim. We were coming up short. When we did penetrate and dropped it off, it just seemed like we were going out of our way to miss it, then the free throws on top of it. Free throws weren't going well, and when the free throws don't go well, it puts a little bit more pressure on the next shot, when you miss that one it puts pressure on the next shot. Right now we've just got a lot of pressure built up. We're just going to have to keep fighting through it. It's kind of like slicing it in golf. Nobody knows how it starts but once it starts, it takes a little while you've just got to keep working yourself out of it." 

On what he said to the team following the game



"I haven't spoken with them just yet. I'll touch on that when we get down there afterwards." 

On if the struggle with free throws is mental

"I think so. A lot of it is if you miss enough of them, next time you go shoot one you're thinking `just please don't miss,' instead of thinking `I want to make this.' I would say it's about 99% mental right now." 

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