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Sep 2, 2013


AUGUST 26, 2013

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AUGUST 12, 2013

I can’t believe the first week of school is already over! You would think after graduating from this University I would know where all my classes are, but I still ended up lost on the first day.

Meghan Brascia and I made our way to the engineering building just in time for our philosophy class and quickly realized that we were NOT in the right place. Let’s just say advanced thermodynamics and two very sweaty, smelly, fresh out of practice athletes in the wrong place do not go well together.

My PRP injections went well last week, even though getting them was quite possibly the worst pain of my life. I’m feeling much better on the field and not having near the amount of knee pain as before.

This week I tried out something new during practice. Using a GoPro camera, I attached it to my head so I could show what soccer looks like from a goalkeeper’s point of view.

It was really fun to wear during training and then review things afterwards that I need to work on or wanted a closer look at. I will also be attaching it to other players throughout the season for a field player’s perspective.

The game against SFA went fairly well even though I wish we could have pulled out a win. I thought we played much better than we did against Georgia and we looked like were getting our shape and rhythm back across the field. We still have a lot to work on, but we have plenty of time to do it before conference.

For those of you that haven’t heard, we had an unfortunate accident on the field Friday night. Kylie Cook was running down the right wing to get a cross off and after doing so took a hit from another player and landed awkwardly on her left arm. From the other end of the field it looked like a nasty fall, but she got up pretty quick, like she always does. When she went back down I knew something wasn’t right and could feel that empty pit forming in the bottom of my stomach. She was rushed off by ambulance and we were forced to refocus and finish out the game.

Danielle Munoz and I were able to go to the ER to see her after the game before they made the decision she needed surgery. After a long night of waiting she went into surgery Saturday morning and has been recovering since.

Saturday night was our 4th Annual Welcoming Dinner held for players and their families. My mom and former teammate Kaci Bush’s mom introduced this our sophomore year as a cool way to start the season. This year was themed America in honor of our new conference. I can’t even begin to thank my mom enough for the time and effort she put into making this possible. I hope it is a tradition that is passed down after I am gone and she has been amazing at keeping it alive.

We have a big weekend in California ahead of us and I know a lot of the girls will be excited to return to their home state. Both upcoming opponents are solid teams so I know it will be a challenge. I can’t wait to get back on the field and am looking forward to bringing home two wins!



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