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Sep 9, 2013



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AUGUST 12, 2013

Wow, what a weekend! It flew by much faster than I wanted it to, but I'm feeling pretty solid about the trip. I was so happy to see all the California natives reunited with their families and learn more about where they come from.

I'm so close to home and still always enjoy a hug from my parents so I'm sure it was a much-needed embrace. Friday night’s game against Northridge continues to leave me speechless. I'm still in shock by the turn of events and the result that followed. It was a heartbreaker.

It was thrilling to get on the board first with a textbook ball in by Jasmine Martinez and composed finish from Kayla Walker. We continued to hold them for the remainder of the half before the last second of regulation changed everything.

There was a free kick outside the 18 that they quickly slotted to my right side. I saw three of their players on the attack before Jazz came sliding in for a spectacular tackle on my six-yard line. The ball somehow popped loose and one of their forwards ripped a shot after the announcer said 1 second was remaining and beat me near post. It was quite a controversial play and many of us thought the goal was scored past the 90-minute mark.

Either way, we gave up a goal and needed to dig deep during overtime to pull out a result, which we struggled to do. A few minutes after the first overtime period started Northridge got a cross off from the right side and although I was fully stretched I didn't get enough on the ball to prevent a goal scoring opportunity from the rebound. They went on to beat us 2-1 and it was a hard pill to swallow.

After a good night's sleep Friday night we were on the road again to San Diego. Our bus driver was able to provide a real life roller coaster simulation as well as a closer look into the side effects of motion sickness. I'm pretty sure we all couldn't have been happier to pull into our hotel parking lot.

That afternoon some of the girls stayed in to hang out with family, but for those who didn't, we ventured down to La Jolla for a quick beach trip before dinner. It was relaxing to put soccer in the back of our minds for a while and catch a breath of fresh air.

Sadly leaving the sand in our toes, we returned to the hotel for a pool workout, which ended in a dunking session and the realization that a few of us need swimming lessons. Sunday morning came quickly and we all woke up still a little sore from Friday’s match.

I felt like a train hit me as we have now played three consecutive overtime games, and I don't even run! We all new SDSU was going to be a tough opponent and I'm so proud of the girls for rising to the occasion and grinding out a result. Danielle Munoz played out of her mind this weekend. She is the only returning senior in the back line and I have had the honor of her as my center back for four years now. There is never a doubt in my mind that she will make the tackle, block the shot, or track back in any game, any place, and any time. She's a freaking beast, for lack of better words, and she is constantly saving me.

I love being the last line of defense but I would be nowhere without D and the rest of the back line. Lexa Green and Sydnie Green are both transfers and they have adapted so well to Houston’s style of play. Lexa’s speed and ability to attack is unreal and Sydnie has a keen eye for the game with a dependable solid tackle. Shayne Clewett is the only freshman on the back line and she has stepped up big in the past few games. At times it can be difficult to come on the field as a true freshman and hang with the more experienced players, but she has done just that. I look forward to watching her grow and improve throughout the year.

We didn't get in until late last night and it made for quite the long Sunday. It was hard for girls to leave their families but no words can describe how much we appreciate their support.

Thank you to all the parents, siblings and friends that attended both of our home and away games.

We love having you there! With only one game against Houston Baptist this Sunday we should have time to recover and get our legs back under us.

Until next time,

-Cami Koski #0



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