Tennis Succumbs To Tulane In Secound Round Of C-USA Championship

April 19, 2002

Fort Worth, Texas - In a Friday afternoon match the fourth-seeded Cougars were unable to ride the momentum of a first round win over Charlotte, as they fall to the fifth-seed Green Wave 4-0.

Houston could not get on track early due to defaulting the third doubles match because of injuries and suffering a loss in the No. 2 doubles spot. The tandem of Jen Baccarani and Jo Keene were behind 5-4 but did not finish their match.

The injury depleted Cougars fought hard, but the Green Wave proved to be to tough in singles play. Ridgway and Meisinger were defeated in the No. 5 and No. 4 spots and Houston was forced to default the No. 6 match. Baccarani and Keene were both leading in their matches, but they did not finish because Tulane had already accumulated enough points for the win.

The Cougars still have a chance to tie for Fifth Place as they move into the Consolation Bracket of the Conference USA Women's Tennis Championship. Houston will next face Louisville on Saturday, April 20 at 9:00am.

Tulane 4, Houston 0 Singles 1. Morris (TUL) vs. Baccarani (HOU), DNF (Houston was leading 6-3, 1-0) 2. Bergman (TUL) vs. Keene (HOU) DNF (Houston was leading 6-4, 3-2) 3. Saaibi (TUL) vs. Longoni (HOU), DNF (Tulane was leading, 7-6) 4. Cook (TUL) def. Meisinger (HOU), 6-1, 6-0 5. Wood (TUL) def. Ridgway (HOU), 6-2, 6-1 6. Axsater (TUL) won by default

Doubles 1. Ivanov/Bergman (TUL) vs. Baccarani/Keene, DNF (Tulane was leading, 5-4) 2. Morris/Saaibi (TUL) def. Longoni/Meisinger (HOU) 8-3 3. Axsater/Wood (TUL) won by default



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