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    Aug. 7, 2012

    Meet your 2012 Cougars

    #12 - Natalie Keck - Sophomore
    DS - Louisville, Ky. - 5-5

    Q: Major/Minor
    A: Psychology major with a minor in biology

    Q: What is something you cannot travel without?
    A: I cannot travel without my peas (like a stuffed animals, but round shaped peas)

    Q: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
    A: There really isn't anyone in particular that I would want to meet.

    Q: What are your plans after graduation?
    A: My plans after graduation are to live spontaneously.

    Q: What is something you fear most in life?
    A: What I fear most in life is disappointing people.  

    Q: Name a movie title that describes your life.
    A: Grown Ups

    Q: Favorite sport other than volleyball?
    A: I like playing softball, but I love watching college basketball.

    Q: If you could have any teammate as a sister, who would it be?
    A: Kadi Kullerkann

    Q: I see myself in 10 years....
    A: I haven't planned that far ahead yet.

    Q: Favorite color?
    A: Green

    Q: Favorite road trip snack?
    A: Bug Juice and Mike-Sells puffcorn delites butter flavor

    Q: I smile most when...
    A: I'm with my siblings.

    Q: Current homepage on your computer?
    A: Google Chrome

    Q: If you could sing any song at karaoke night, what would it be?
    A: "Come on Over" by Christina Aguilera 

    Q: Houston volleyball...
    A: Is the best opportunity that I have taken in my life, thus far. 



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