Meet your Cougars: #1 Caitlin Ogletree

Aug. 9, 2012

Meet your Cougars:

#1 – Caitlin Ogletree – Sophomore
S – Montgomery, Texas – 5-8

Q: Major/Minor
A: Major: Broadcast Journalism / Minors: Health

Q: What is something you cannot travel without?
A: A camera.

Q: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
A: Drew Brees. We are related, but he has yet to make it to a family reunion.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: Start up my career and maybe take a vacation for once.

Q: What is something you fear most in life?
A: the Dark.

Q: Name a movie title that describes your life.
A: Little Giants – I was always the only girl competing with the guys when I was little. I was a major tomboy!

Q: Favorite sport other than volleyball?
A: Football

Q: If you could have any teammate as a sister, who would it be?
A: Meredith Ware or Katey Kyle 

Q: I see myself in 10 years….
A: Continuing my job and supporting my family spiritually, physically, and emotionally.   

Q: Favorite color?
A: Blue!

Q: Favorite road trip snack?
A: Trail mix! The perfect blend of salty and sweet.

Q: I smile most when…
A: I don’t know if I have a “when” moment. Life in general just brings a smile to my face.

Q: Current homepage on your computer?
A: Google

Q: If you could sing any song at karaoke night, what would it be?
A: “Lean on Me” by The Temptations 

Q: Houston volleyball…
A: Has the biggest opportunity God has blessed me with. I have amazing administration, staff, and teammates. Being a student-athlete here is more than I could have asked for. 



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