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Oct. 4, 2006

Hey Coog Fans!

I had a fun day yesterday. Most days when I start off with painting class it ends up being a good day. Nothing makes my day better than lots of bright colors and freedom to create whatever I feel like creating. After art, I spent the day in between homework and goofing around with Kelly and our friend Michael. Kelly just got a new Apple computer. It has a program where you can distort the image of your face on camera and then take a picture. It's hilarious and very addicting. I seriously spent way too much time making faces and laughing hysterically about them.

However, this is officially hell week. Well really, next week is hell week, but I have only this week to get ready for all of the things going on next week. For some reason, teachers decide to schedule tests all on the same week. I have a midterm in my educational psychology class on Monday, three large scale paintings due on Tuesday (I have only finished one), and a speech on anxiety disorders on Wednesday. This week is a bad one for studying and school work.

Last night we practiced at Rice in the evening so I had some time after class to work. Then I came home and worked some more until about 10:00pm at which point I found some time to call my boyfriend.

Friday we have another home game with Southern Miss, Saturday we practice and go to the football game, and Sunday we have one more home match with UCF. This leaves Sunday evening to finish my paintings, study, and research and write a speech. Let me know if I'm wrong but I think that I have a little problem with planning. Oops! I know I'll get it all done. I just may grow a few gray hairs in the process. The good news is that I'm not taking any classes currently that do not interest me. I love to paint and I enjoy learning about the proper techniques for teaching children. It is my hope that I can somehow make a difference in many lives in the field of art or education.

I bought a bag of cotton candy to send in a care package to my boyfriend, but it didn't fit in the package so I ate it today. I might have had a little bit too much because I was bouncing off the walls with a sugar high. Most people who know me are aware of the fact that I have a really bad sweet tooth. It is a rare occasion that I will turn down any kind of dessert offered to me. I told my mom that she spoiled me when I was little by letting me eat as much junk food as I wanted. All she could do was agree with me.

Speaking of my parents, they just moved. We used to live out by Memorial City Mall and now they've moved out to Tomball near The Woodlands. The house is absolutely gorgeous. I spent last Sunday visiting with them and felt like I was on vacation. It is not so much the house I love but the surrounding area. I love the trees, flowers, ponds and the big backyard with a pool and a waterfall. I'm really happy for my parents to be able to live in such a comfortable surrounding. They deserve it after all they have done for my sister and me. Yes, I love my family an extreme amount! Anyway, it's about time for me to get out of here. My cat, Sophie, is begging for my attention. I'm guessing she's probably hungry AGAIN ... All she does it beg for food, but she is so cute!

- Becca



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