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Oct. 12, 2006

Yesterday I gave a presentation in my Public Speaking class. The topic was Panic and Anxiety disorders. The ironic thing about it was that I nearly had a panic attack before I even began my speech on that very same topic. I spent many years of my younger life being afraid to step out of my shell and get to know people and engage in more outgoing activities. I regret that I didn't have more fun when I was younger because I was too worried about little things that didn't really matter. However, I have come a long way. Even my freshman year at UH, I was still too afraid to talk to many students in my classes or in athletics. Now, I find that I have made a great amount of friends and no longer sweat that small stuff. I have made it one of my top priorities to make sure that those around me have very little worry in their lives if I can help it. Life is too short to stress over things you can't change. So now, I take each day as it comes and look forward to the future with anticipation instead of worry.

On another note, I bought my cat a t-shirt from the book store today. Sophie is now a true cougar fan! I am going to try to see if we can upload a picture so that you all can see her in her outfit. For those of you who are not cat fans or think it is strange to dress your pet, I apologize. I have to point out that Sophie is a "different" kind of cat. She thinks she's human and is very spoiled. She let's me pick her up and hang her upside down and does not mind when I dress her up. In fact, it appears that she likes wearing t-shirts as she will relax and take naps when I put one on her.

I forgot to mention that I had to buy a canvas to paint on that is 36x40. It's absolutely huge! I'm excited about working on such a large scale project, but at the same time feel a bit unsure that I won't just create a large scale mess. Haha. Either way, new experiences are always fun.

We are off to New Orleans later today to kick some Tulane butt! I'm excited about the trip despite the fact that we have to wake up at 5:00 AM Saturday morning to travel to El Paso to play UTEP Sunday. You can follow both of our matches on gametracker this weekend. Wish us luck! We always appreciate positive fan support! GO COOGS

- Becca



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