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    Mailing Address
    3100 Cullen Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77204-6002

    Overnight Address
    3100 Cullen Blvd.

    Athletics/Alumni Center
    Houston, TX 77004

    ATHLETICS ADMINISTRATION -- (713) 743-9370 -- FAX (713) 743-9375
    Name Title
    Hunter Yurachek Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics |
    Jeramiah Dickey Deputy Athletics Director
    DeJuena Chizer Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA
    Marvin Julich, Jr. Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations
    Bruce Gregory Associate Athletics Director for Auxiliary Services
    T.J. Meagher Associate Athletics Director for Capital and Special Projects
    Katina Jackson Associate Athletics Director for Major Gifts
    Richard Scamell Faculty Athletics Representative
    Barbara Stone Executive Administrative Assistant
    Sarah Maples Coordinator of Operations for Director of Athletics
    BUSINESS & FINANCE -- (713) 743-9516 -- FAX (713) 743-9384
    Jeff Collier Associate Athletics Director for Business and Finance
    Brandon Maddux Business Manager
    Dan Singletary Human Resources Administrator
    Sharon House Program Manager
    Janicee' Stewart Assistant Business Manager
    COMMUNICATIONS -- (713) 743-9404 -- FAX (713) 743-9411
    David Bassity Associate AD for Strategic Communications (FB)
    Jeff Conrad Director for Communications (MBkB, MGolf, WGolf)
    Allison McClain Associate Director for Communications (FB Secondary, BB)
    Rob Walden Assistant Director for Communications (WBkB, Swim, Ten)
    Jessika McKernan Assistant Director for Communications (SB, VB)
    Roman Petrowski Communications Assistant (Soc, XC, T&F)
    COMPLIANCE -- (713) 743-9394
    Lauren DuBois Associate Athletics Director for Compliance & Eligibility - (713-743-9254)
    Tristan Hood Associate Director for Compliance - (713-743-1456)
    Stephanie Dishman Assistant Director for Compliance
    Paul Cataldo Compliance Intern (Transfer Information Requests)
    Jonathon Wilson Compliance Intern (Transfer Information Requests)
    Karma Meck Financial Aid Coordinator - 743-1010 (opt. 5)
    COUGAR PRIDE -- 713-743-GOUH (4684) |
    Brendan Hoffer Associate Athletics Director for Development
    John Noud Director for Development/Annual Fund
    Eric Garlow Assistant Director For Development
    Katie Tate Development Coordinator
    Celena Flores Special Events Coordinator/Cougar Pride
    GRAPHIC DESIGN -- (713) 743-9249
    Drew Schlosser Director for Graphic Design
    EQUIPMENT -- (713) 743-9421 -- FAX (713) 743-9428
    Daniel Reeves Assistant Athletics Director for Equipment Operations
    Travis Simmons Assistant Director for Equipment Operations
    Alex Peters Equipment Assistant
    Spencer Starrett Equipment Assistant
    FAN EXPERIENCE HEADQUARTERS -- (713) 743-9455 -- FAX (713) 743-5084
    Brooke Smoley Associate AD for Ticket Sales & Operations/Chief Revenue Officer
    Bobby Cash Director for Ticket Operations
    TBA Director for Ticket Sales
    Lauren Sampson
    Program Director for Revenue Development
    Darron Pinkney
    Associate Director for Fan Experience
    Quinn Gruber Assistant Director for Ticket Operations
    Assistant Director for Fan Experience, Licensing and Promotions
    Kayla Bosco
    Assistant Director for Fan Experience
    Jeremy Bowler Account Executive  
    Justin Rogers Account Executive
    Jacarra Nelson Account Executive
    Anthony Hulse Retention Specialist
    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY -- (713) 743-9362
    Steven Beatty Director for Information Technology
    Shane Hildreth Vice President, Regional Sales 713-705-3363
    Clay Harris Associate General Manager - 713-743-9142
    Warren Ables Senior Account Executive
    Myndi Luevano Account Executive - 713-743-1478
    Megan Lister Partner Services Coordinator - 713-743-6080
    INTRAMURALS -- (713) 743-9500
    SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT -- (832) 842-3100 -- FAX (713) 743-9495
    Jeff Kossow Executive Director
    Valerie Roux S&E General Manager
    Jeremy McDonald Facilities General Manager
    Jesse Badillo Senior Manager - Facilities Engineering Services
    Robert Knight Director of Ticket Operations
    Darius Dunn Associate Director - Event Operations
    Sean Peel Production Manager
    Will Fuentes Event Manager
    Justin Roque Events & Facilities Manager
    Jake Velasquez Events & Facilities Manager
    Marcus Herrington Facilities Operation Manager
    Ashley Hong Catering Manager
    Lauren Stacks Marketing Manager
    Tracy Matthews Business Manager
    Corinna Torres Office Manager
    Robert Guillen Associate Director - Booking
    Bradford Deyon Assistant Business Manager
    J.C. Almanza Executive Assistant
    SPORTS MEDICINE -- (713) 743-9422 -- FAX (713) 743-0679
    Michael O'Shea Head Athletics Trainer
    John Houston Associate Athletics Trainer
    Hideyuki Okuwa Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Hajime Takashima Assistant Athletics Trainer
    Amanda Barbee Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Michelle Malloy Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Yuri Ashley Intern Athletics Trainer
    Thomas Rice Intern Athletics Trainer
    Katherine Barnes Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Wafaa Chatila Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Nikki Hight Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Lindsey Matvey Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
    SPORTS PERFORMANCE -- (713) 743-9494 -- FAX (713) 743-9428
    Yancy McKnight Director for Football Sports Performance
    Kelly Spriggs Director for Sports Performance
    Rod Grace Associate Director for Football Sports Performance
    Jason Russell Assistant Director for Sports Performance
    Ryan Deatrick Assistant Director for Football Sports Performance
    Jeff Schuh Assistant Director for Sports Performance
    Chris Campbell Assistant Director for Sports Performance
    Glenda Blaskey Performance Nutritionist
    Maria Peden Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Development
    Sasha Blake Director for Leadership Academy/Community Service Coordinator
    Gretchen Wiggins Director for Academic Center for Excellence
    Kassen Delano Gunderman Director for Student-Athlete Services
    Helen Gore-Laird Assistant ACE Director
    Lori Selzer Assistant ACE Director
    Lateki Lewis Assistant ACE Director
    Angel Shamblin Assistant ACE Director
    Russell Royal Assistant ACE Director
    Tatiana Banjeglav Senior Learning Specialist
    Fatima Salazar Administrative Assistant
    VIDEO OPERATIONS -- (713) 743-9420 -- FAX (713) 743-9371
    Michael Freedman Director of Video Operations
    David Brammell Video Production Coordinator
    Monique Andy Video Production Coordinator
    Kenny Kapner Video Production Assistant

    Name Title
    BASEBALL -- (713) 743-9396 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Todd Whitting Head Coach |
    Trip Couch Assistant Coach
    Frank Anderson Assistant Coach
    Greg Evans Assistant Coach
    Traci Cauley Director for Operations
    Ryan Shotzberger Director for Player Development
    Fatima Salazar Administrative Assistant
    BASKETBALL (MEN'S) -- (713) 743-9430 -- FAX (713) 743-9429
    Kelvin Sampson Head Coach
    Alvin Brooks Assistant Coach
    Talvin Hester Assistant Coach
    Kellen Sampson Assistant Coach
    Louis Reynaud Special Assistant
    Steve Yoder Director for Operations
    Hollis Price Director for Player Development
    K.C. Beard Video Coordinator
    Meshu Negga Associate Director for Operations
    BASKETBALL (WOMEN'S)-- (713) 743-9460 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Ronald Hughey Head Coach |
    Ravon Justice Assistant Coach/ Recruiting Coordinator
    Tai Dillard Assistant Coach
    Tonya Benton Assistant Coach
    Zach Cooper Video Coordinator
    Alaina Lee Director for Operations
    Carly Kehn Associate Director for Operations
    Mansa El Graduate Assistant  
    Karon Harper Administrative Assistant
    FOOTBALL -- (713) 743-9388 -- FAX (713) 743-9428
    Tom Herman Head Coach |
    Todd Orlando Defensive Coordinator
    Major Applewhite Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
    Craig Naivar Assistant Head Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties
    Jason Washington Cornerbacks
    Corby Meekins Tight End
    Drew Mehringer Wide Receivers
    Oscar Giles Defensive Line
    Kenith Pope Running Backs
    Derek Warehime Offensive Line
    Fernando Lovo Assistant Athletics Director for Football Operations
    Tory Teykl Director for Internal Operations
    Adrian Mayes Director for Recruiting
    Dallas Blacklock Director for High School Relations
    Marcus McGraw Director for Player Personnel
    Grace Muscarello Assistant Director for Recruiting
    Landren Hines Defensive Quality Control
    Joaquin Garcia Special Teams Quality Control
    Eric Soza Offensive Quality Control
    Nathan Putscher Offensive Quality Control
    Scott Harydzak Defensive Graduate Assistant
    Thomas Dunson Defensive Quality Control
    Kenny Guiton Offensive Graduate Assistant
    Dan Carrel Defensive Graduate Assistant
    Alex Nederhoff Director of Football Video
    Robyn Hardeway Executive Assistant
    GOLF (MEN'S) -- (713) 743-9417 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Jonathan Dismuke Director of Golf |
    Ryke Dismuke Assistant Coach
    Demeatra Yowman-Reed Administrative Assistant
    GOLF (WOMEN'S) -- (713) 743-9417 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Gerrod Chadwell Head Coach |
    Lucy Nunn Assistant Coach
    Demeatra Yowman-Reed Administrative Assistant
    SOCCER -- (832) 570-9122 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Chris Pfau Head Coach
    Suzie Grech Associate Head Coach
    Brandon Bonilla Assistant Coach
    Mary Krambeer Volunteer Assistant
    Demeatra Yowman-Reed Administrative Assistant
    SOFTBALL -- (713) 743-9460 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Kyla Holas Head Coach |
    Kristin Vesely Associate Head Coach
    Shanel Martin Assistant Coach
    Michael Palmer Director for Operations
    Demeatra Yowman-Reed Administrative Assistant
    SWIMMING & DIVING -- (713) 743-0238 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Ryan Wochomurka Head Coach |
    Bob Gunter Diving Coach
    Hannah Burandt Assistant Swimming Coach
    Karon Harper Administrative Assistant
    TENNIS -- (713) 743-0496 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Courtney Steinbock Head Coach |
    Jason Potthoff Assistant Coach
    Karon Harper Administrative Assistant
    TRACK & FIELD/CROSS COUNTRY -- (713) 743-9399 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Leroy Burrell Head Coach, Men's and Women's Track & Field |
    Kyle Tellez Associate Coach, Track & Field
    Will Blackburn Associate Head Coach, Track & Field
    Floyd Heard Director for Student-Athlete Development, Track & Field
    Steve Magness Head Coach, Cross Country; Assistant Coach, Track & Field
    Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie Assistant Coach, Track & Field
    Carl Lewis Assistant Coach, Track & Field
    Mark Crump Director For Operations
    Demeatra Yowman-Reed Administrative Assistant
    VOLLEYBALL -- (713) 743 9872 -- FAX (713) 743-9488
    Kaddie Platt Head Coach |
    Jason Allen Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
    Ron Arenz Assistant Coach
    Stephanie Robinett Director for Operations
    Karon Harper Administrative Assistant

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